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    The curriculum

    Pupils at Walton Priory study the national curriculum subjects to include:

    - English
    - Maths
    - Science
    - History
    - Geography
    - French
    - Design and Technology
    - Art
    - Music
    - Physical Education
    - Citizenship
    - Computing
    - Religious Education

    Please click the relevant year group to view the curriculum and age related expectations, year by year.

    Y5 Curriculum Map Overview 

    Y6 Curriculum Map Overview

    Y7 Curriculum Map Overview

    Y8 Curriculum Map Overview

    KS2 STEAM Rotations 20/21

    Curriculum Intent document

    Subject hours taught by KS


    To obtain additional information on the curriculum please contact Mrs Allison Wiles, Office Manager.

    email: office@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk