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    External E-Safety Advice for Parents/Carers

    How is Walton Priory Dealing with E-Safety?

    All internet access at Walton Priory Middle School is filtered, although we can never guarantee that 100% of all offensive content will be blocked. We also monitor all internet and network use and any offending images/text or illegal sites will be flagged up and automatically screen-captured, highlighting the user.

    In order to educate pupils at Walton Priory Middle School about how they can stay safe online we also follow a planned curriculum teaching one distinct E-Safety lessons every half term.

    On top of this, teachers provide guidance in all lessons whenever using ICT as well as regular focus assemblies for the whole school.

    Internet Safety quiz - do you know how to stay safe? Click the link to open the quiz.

    Below is a selection of documents relevant to e-safety.

      Walton Priory Middle School - Acceptable Use Policy

     Furthermore, we have put together a list of websites that provide help and support on e-safety.

    Think U Know 
    CBBC Stay Safe

    UK Safer Internet Centre




     Think U Know




     Government Advice


    Internet Matters


    London Grid for Learning


    Net Aware


    Parent Info



    Specific External Advice for Parents/Carers

    Setting up parental controls



    Reporting posts on Instagram



    10 tips to help your child stay safe online

    Keep your child safe on TikTok

    Keep your child safe from cyber-flashing


    If you have any concerns regarding E-Safety and keeping your child safe online then please contact your child’s class teacher or the school office on 01785 550040