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Arbor is a parent engagement app which will allow you to receive important communications and see useful information from the school, including your child’s timetable and attendance figures. In addition to this, in order to improve the communication of rewards and sanctions, you will be notified when your child has received achievement point milestones through our rewards system, and if they receive behaviour points during the school day.

Access and More

Your login details will be automatically generated using the contact information we hold for you already. You can check and change these details by sending an email to

Login to Arbor via the Web

Please note that the Arbor app and website displays more functions than we are currently offering, whereas the app only displays the content the school has selected to use. You can also login to the online version of Arbor via the link above. If you do not have a smartphone, although we do recommend using the app if possible as messages reach you more quickly.