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The school has worked hard to develop a vision and identity based on what we believe is working well for us all. The mission statement ‘Creating tomorrow’s role models by combining traditional values with futures thinking’ sums up the direction for the school. We want Walton Priory pupils to retain the strong values that the school established in 1974, which were:

  • Work hard
  • Respect each other
  • Look after the environment

However, in an ever changing world, we also want to prepare all our pupils for careers in tomorrow’s world by providing the best opportunities for developing skills in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). We plan to capitalise further on this agenda by engaging more local businesses to work with us. As part of this vision to improve learning opportunities with technology, we intend to install plasma screens in each classroom for teachers to use. This is a significant investment for the school, but will help to ensure that all pupils engage with first class 21st century learning. We will also be replacing the outdated technology used for discrete computing lessons.

This is an exciting time for Walton Priory as you will be aware. We are looking forward to welcoming over 150 Year 5 pupils in September into 6 classes.

Lindsay Taylor-Potts BA (Hons), MA.

Pupils conduct themselves very well in lessons. They are helpful and listen attentively. They settle down to work quickly and follow the instructions they are given. 

- Ofsted 2017


At Walton Priory, the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is at the very heart of what we do; it is one of the main ways we see our mission statement in action. We recognise that today’s youngsters will join a world of work where things change more rapidly than they have ever done before and we seek to prepare them for that adventure by providing them with technological, open-ended tasks that excite and inspire them, testing their skills of reasoning and resilience. Tomorrow’s successful young person will seek out problems to solve, will not give up when things get difficult and will enjoy all the challenges that the modern world provides. As national winners of the BP … we know that our pupils have what is required to really succeed.

STEM afternoons for Key stage 2 and Key Stage 3 are planned and taught in a way that enables pupils to apply their more traditional classroom learning in practical, real-life situations through stimulating projects. We believe that our imaginative, innovative approach will help to give our pupils the launch pad for life that they both need and deserve.

We are delighted that we have been successful in our bid for funding…


One of our exciting new ventures, a competitive sports afternoon each week, was introduced onto the curriculum in September 2017. It is proving to be popular among both staff and pupils – even the not-so-sporty types.

During the afternoons, pupils play a wide range of team games to win points for their forms; girls play traditionally male sports like rugby and boys play netball. Although the policy is to go outside on all but the bleakest days to take advantage of the fresh air and our extensive grounds, when it is very, very cold and wet, youngsters may find themselves inside enjoying dance, dodgeball or designing new team games, all with a competitive slant.

Clearly, our pupils relish the opportunities to develop their health and fitness, but this is not the only benefit as participation in team sports, where everyone’s contribution matters (not just that of the elite) fosters those important life-long skills of co-operation and collaboration. Throughout their lives, teamwork will be important and out pupils will be ready for the challenge.

Year 5

At Walton Priory, we pride ourselves on knowing each child well – not just the high fliers and those with special needs (although we do know them very well too) – recognising that each one deserves a flying start at a new school and every possible opportunity to settle and succeed.

The majority of our pupils transfer from local first schools with whom we enjoy positive working relationships. Both our Transition Co-ordinator and our SENDco visit first schools throughout the year and most particularly in the summer term to learn all they can about pupils joining in September. Year 5 class teachers gather detailed information and insight on their new pupils long before the pupils cross the threshold in their new uniforms in September. Pupils from the first schools are also given opportunity to experience the facilities and new subjects that the school can offer through taster days, lessons and one-off experiences.

One of our assistant headteachers has special responsibility for ensuring that the needs and aspirations of the most able are met both in the classroom and through the wealth of extra-curricular activities available. We set great store by ensuring that no child is held back by a dull curriculum or repeating what has already been learnt; our aim is to stimulate and enthuse every pupil from the very first day.

Because our pupils are taught in their (smaller than average) classes by primary specialists, they have all the support and confidence that comes from being known well together with the exciting opportunities that come from the available subject expertise and facilities of a middle school.

Year 8

By the time our pupils reach the end of Year 8, they have good grounding in the subjects that they will meet in their chosen high schools because they have been taught subject specialists, many of whom will have started to get to know them when they were in Key Stage 2. They also have experienced the responsibilities, demands and leadership opportunities of being the senior year in the school.

At Walton Priory we have positive relationships with Alleyne’s Academy and other Staffordshire high schools. In Year 8, pupils are invited to Alleyne’s for taster lessons and experiences, and their staff visit Walton Priory to get to know to pupils’ abilities and needs.

It is our hope and belief, that our vision which is expressed in our mission statement and enacted every day in our learning and teaching, provides pupils with a very firm foundation for further progress in their studies and the enthusiasm, stamina and resilience to set them on their own  road to success.

Walton Priory Middle School
Beacon Rise, Walton
Stone, ST15 0AL
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01785 550040 Email: office@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk
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