In Computing our aim is to allow students to use computational thinking and creativity to understand the benefits of technology and how artificial intelligence will change the world.

Curriculum Maps - Computing

Curriculum Map

From Year 5 to Year 8 we have planned our curriculum using the National Centre for Computing Educations’ (NCCE) ‘Teach Computing Curriculum’ as a base.

We have planned the units to suit the needs of our children and school setting. We have planned the units so that they are well sequenced across the school but also coherent within each year group. An example is our meticulous approach to the ‘Programming’ units, where concepts and skills rely on prior learning and experiences.

To meet the needs of our knowledge rich, concept led curriculum we have developed the NCCE computing taxonomy into our own concepts to ensure we have a well-developed comprehensive coverage of the subject. This has been developed across all years so that students have knowledge of and can apply all concepts in the appropriate topics.


Children have a topic test at the end of most units of work, this is used alongside their day-to day work in lessons to judge attainment and progress. In the cases where there isn’t a topic test we use teacher judgment based on their day-to day work in lessons.

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