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We aim to develop a love of languages through the teaching of French in a fun and enjoyable way whilst fostering pupils’ curiosity and deepening their understanding of the world. Pupils are encouraged to express their ideas in French in both speech and in writing and we provide opportunities for pupils to communicate for practical purposes using a wide range of appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures. Linguistic competence is developed by understanding how the language works and exploring the similarities and differences between French and English.

High quality resources and authentic materials are used to both enthuse and challenge our pupils across the year groups. We believe that the learning of a foreign language provides a valuable social and cultural experience for our pupils which crosses many curricular areas. Providing our pupils with an international dimension to their learning encourages them to become responsible and open-minded global citizens.


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Learning Journey & Subject Handbook

From year 5 we aim to develop pupils’ knowledge, vocabulary and grammatical concepts through a wide range of themed units. We use a range of techniques to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to develop their understanding through aural activities, and their pronunciation through repetition and oral activities. The use of songs, poems, stories, blogs and articles give pupils access to the new language in an authentic and enjoyable way.

We carefully plan our curriculum to enable pupils to develop their reading and writing skills using a variety of worksheets and interactive tasks. Pupils are then able to put new words and phrases into written practice, to fully understand and consolidate the grammar behind them. We build on key concepts throughout year 5 to 8 and regularly reinforce prior learning to deepen understanding and confidence.

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We assess progress in class through regular tasks and activities that enable pupils to show their progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We are then able to deal with any misconceptions and offer tailored lessons offering appropriate levels of challenge to individuals or groups of learners.

Termly assessments in a variety of skill areas take place at the end of the unit to track progress. These assessments are then used to inform future learning and planning.

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