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Our core aim is to allow students to explore all concepts of mathematics whilst developing fluency, reasoning and articulating mathematically and problem solving with resilience. Each and every student is supported and challenged in order to achieve their full potential within each concept. Mathematics is a key component in understanding and exploring the world, therefore we ensure there is a conscious and pro-active approach of Mathematics being recognised and delivered as a cross-curricular skill.

Curriculum Maps - Maths

Curriculum Map

We have embedded a mastery approach over the past four years that has been enhanced by the pedagogical professional development of our staff through various ‘Maths Hub’ training programmes. We have completed our primary mastery programme and we are in the final year of our secondary mastery programme which is focusing on sustaining mastery, supporting our Maths curriculum across the school.

Our mastery approach (following White Rose) allows all students to gain a deep understanding for all concepts taught in their current year of teaching, which is built on solid foundations from previous years of teaching. All students have the opportunity and are given the structure to be able to represent their work in a variety of ways. We keep all students curious by providing opportunities to think mathematically and make connections. Our teachers challenge our most able to students in a variety of ways to ensure they reach their full potential, but we expect that they are connecting new ideas to concepts that have already been understood and mastered.


Children have a topic test at the end of each unit of work. They also have an end of term test that covers work covered in the previous term(s) teaching and learning. Together with their day-to day work in lessons is used to judge attainment and progress.

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