The learning of music is enriched by developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the stories, origins, traditions, history and social context of the music they are listening to, singing and playing.

At WPMS our vision is to enable all children to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument; to make music with others; to learn to sing; and to have the opportunity to progress to the next level of excellence. Music can make a powerful contribution to the education and development of children, having benefits which range from those that are largely academic to the growth of social skills and contribution to overall development. It is a unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act.

Music Learning Journey

Learning Journey & Subject Handbook

Our immersive whole day music experiences provide full curriculum coverage for each year group with activity-based learning in an enjoyable interactive manner. Pupils build on their musical skills through working with a variety of instruments and computerised programs, composing and performing, developing their understanding of musical terminology and playing ability. Pupils learn through a mixture of listening and appraising a variety of musical genres and then applying this understanding to their own practical learning.

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We use keyboards as our main teaching instrument throughout the curriculum, however we also offer the opportunity to extend this learning through individual instrument tuition provided by Entrust. Pupils also have the opportunity throughout the year of joining in with local musical initiatives, taking part in productions or extending their experiences through county ensembles which take place at our school.

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