Food Technology


Food Technology

In Food Technology our aim is to inspire students to explore dishes from all around the world whilst applying the principles of nutrition and healthy eating, as well as instilling a love of cooking.

Curriculum Maps - Food Tech

Curriculum Map

Year 5 pupils cook from the very first lesson. Their first project covers basic skills, process and recipes such as: kneading with bread; rubbing in method for crumble; creaming method for cakes and knife skills with bolognese. Pupils also learn how to use the hob and oven safely as well as embedding clear routines for health and safety in practical lessons.

In year 6, pupils build on these skills by trying different recipes and swapping ingredients for healthier options.

Year 7 pupils develop their skills through making main meals (food from around the world) as well as combining Business Enterprise and Food Technology for a bake sale project.

Year 8 pupils split their learning between the theory of diet and nutrition combined with making their own dishes from scratch, as well as a complex cookery project which delves into the use of herbs and spices, by making their own marinades and exploring spice combination.  By the time pupils leave Walton Priory they are able to cook a variety of dishes and courses, equipping them with core life skills and the opportunity to develop their skills further at a higher level.


Children’s day-to-day practical and theoretical work is used to judge attainment and progress across each project. Children also have a final piece or range of pieces alongside their completed project book.

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