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    Information for Prospective Parents and Carers

    Admissions for September 2021 please click here

    Parents who are considering Walton Priory as a school for their child from the start of Year 5 are invited to attend an open day in September of the year prior to entry.

    View our online e-prospectus here

    Mid-term Intake

    Parents of children in years 5-8 considering having their child join within a school year should contact the Assistant Head Teacher in the first instance to arrange an appointment to visit the school. It is the Assistant Head Teacher that shall arrange admissions for these children.

    Useful Documents & Contact Details

    Mid-term School Application Form

    Looked After Children School Application Form

    First school to middle school information for parents booklet


    Admissions Website:          www.staffordshire.gov.uk/admissions

    Admissions Email:              admissions@staffordshire.gov.uk

    School Transport:               Phone: 0300 111 8000
                                                  Email: transport.entitlement@staffordshire.gov.uk 


    WPMS Catchment Area Map