Ms Clowes


Ms Clowes

French Teacher

Ms Clowes started her teaching career at Westwood High School in Leek where she taught French, German and Spanish. Ms Clowes has taught GCSE, A-Level and GNVQ and was a lower school and 6th Form tutor during her time there.

Ms Clowes has travelled the world with her sister and has a passion for travelling visiting Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Peru, Chile and the USA. Whilst on her travels Ms Clowes had the opportunity to teach in a selection of schools in Western Australia as part of her adventures.

After travelling, she worked at Endon High School and became the Head of French. Ms Clowes has always loved languages.and enjoys teaching French, German and Spanish GCSE.

Ms Clowes held the role of Primary Modern Foreign Languages Co-ordinator for Clayton Hall Academy and enjoyed having the opportunity to visit different primary schools in Newcastle encouraging a love of language learning amongst children from reception through to year 6.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and enjoys sports, music, travel and has always been a Port Vale fan despite their rocky history! Ms Clowes plays both the piano and the saxophone.  She enjoys watching her son play football at the weekends and watching my daughter dancing in her lessons and local theatre shows.