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    Walton Priory Middle School

    Walton Priory Middle School was the first purpose built middle school in Staffordshire and rapidly became the centre of national attention following its opening in 1974. Educational experts from far and wide visited the school to see how its innovative form of education was to be delivered.

    It was deemed to be so successful that imitations of the building's construction soon became evident around Staffordshire. Success and excellence have been central to the school's philosophy ever since and remain the focus of our attention and efforts to this day.

    Although the name of the school reminds us of the distant past, we take pride in our commitment to build on the best traditions of history and combine these with the best of present educational practice to prepare our pupils for the technological age of the future.

    'Governors, leaders and staff are relentless in their determination to ensure that pupils are safe and well cared for.' Ofsted 2015