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    Please contact the school office with any questions, comments or feedback. You may also wish to reach us via telephone or email.

    A request for paper copies can be emailed to: office@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk




    Walton Priory Middle School
    Beacon Rise, Walton
    Stone, ST15 0AL
    United Kingdom

    Telephone: 01785 550040   Email: office@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk

    The school office is open Monday to Thursday 8.15am - 4.15pm and Friday 8.15am - 3.45pm


    fsm@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk for all free school meal enquiries

    attendance@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk for all attendance enquiries

    safe@waltonpriory.staffs.sch.uk for all safeguarding concerns.  Please note that if the issue is serious, urgent or out of school hours you must instead call Staffordshire County Council’s First Response Team on 0800 1313126