In Science our aim is to inspire curiosity whilst exploring and understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Alongside this topic specific knowledge, over the four years of learning we provide a platform so that all students can work scientifically, leaving us with the ability to hypothesise, plan, complete, analyse, interpret and conclude a wide range of investigations. Our vision allows students to discover answers about the universe for themselves which develops and strengthens their lifelong love of learning science.

Curriculum Maps - Science

Curriculum Map

Across the school we ensure that our scientific concepts are taught sensibly and revisited: we know the end point to which we are working and ensure that our plans build towards. Our scientific concepts are derived from the ’10 big ideas’ of Science and we ensure there is recurrent coverage of these throughout a student’s 4-year journey. Each lesson aims to extend a student’s knowledge, allows them to think about and make connections and be able to apply any new learning. We deliver a knowledge rich, deep and ambitious curriculum.

Our assessments evaluate how well we can deliver the curriculum and how effectively individual students have retained and mastered that concept of learning. These assessments are initially used for formative purposes with a high challenge low stakes approach spiralling through topics and secondly, they are used as an accumulative summative assessment at the end of each half term. Students are taught to think critically about the ‘big questions’ related to each discipline, including those which are relevant to current affairs which supports our aim of getting students to be more curious and always pro-actively asking ‘why?’.


Children have fortnightly knowledge checks which build up to a topic test at the end of each unit of work. They also have an end of term test that covers work covered in the previous term(s) teaching and learning. Together with their day-to day work in lessons is used to judge attainment and progress.

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