Religious Education


Religious Education

Religious Education is to help prepare and equip all pupils for life and citizenship in today’s diverse and multicultural Britain, through fostering in each pupil an increasing level of religious literacy.

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map

KS2 RE provides opportunities for children to make connections between religion and religious texts, drawing out similarities and differences between religions. Pupils are taught about connections between religious texts, and people’s own beliefs and actions. In addition to this, pupils are given chance to read and interpret religious stories and texts, as well as consider and reflect upon their own and other’s opinions.

Our KS3 course engages students with RE, building their skills, knowledge and understanding in religion-based topics. This ensures wide-ranging and expanding knowledge of religion sequenced to build knowledge over time and creating a ‘readiness for future learning’. This equips our students with a solid grasp of four major world religions, as well as the core philosophical and ethical issues.


Children have a core assessment once per unit of work and this, together with their day-to day work in lessons is used to judge attainment and progress.

Carefully chosen questions have been designed to build the confidence, understanding and evaluative skills needed for GCSE success.

We also test their knowledge and understanding with regular formative assessments that enable the students to keep track of their progress throughout each unit.

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