KS3 English

KS3 English Learning Journey

KS3 English

English teaching aims to promote a love of reading through and varied selection of texts from a wide range of genres. The reading is selected to be increasingly challenging and develop independent reading skills. To support this, students are taught contexts to texts so they consider the influences of the era, and the writer’s intention. Children are encouraged to establish a love of writing creatively with technical accuracy, fluency and flair. Learners consolidate and build upon their knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology, and apply this within their writing.

In addition to this, pupils are given opportunities to express themselves through spoken language, and develop confidence in presenting well planned and structured work. Pupils are provided with the opportunity to debate a range of topics, building on social skills and broadening their verbal communication abilities. This lays the foundation for the next phase in their education, establishing and embedding key techniques necessary for the study of GCSE.

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Children have a writing and reading core assessment in every unit of work and this, together with their day-to day work in lessons is used to judge attainment and progress.

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