In DT our aim is to allow students to utilise and futureproof our school values by adapting to the ever-changing environment. They will flourish in our innovative, ever-changing, broad and enriched STEAM curriculum that provides students with aspirations, knowledge and skills to thrive in the modern world.  

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Curriculum Map

Throughout KS2 and KS3 pupils use a wide range of materials to design and make products. In all project pupils will work out their ideas, considering how products will be used, who will use them, joining techniques to construct the product, mechanisms used and their appearance.

They will develop their understanding of designing and making and expand their practical skills. They will use a range of hand tools and machinery in the products construction, focusing on health and safety with risk assessment. The main aim of our project booklets is to develop pupils understanding of designing and manufacture process (Design, Make, Evaluate and Technical Knowledge).

Typical projects include designing and making a small trinket box to hold a variety of objects. The trinket box will be made from Pine, MDF and a range of veneers. The construction of the box will use finger joints and use an Art Deco style pattern on the top. Designing and making a wooden game for children aged between 5 to 10 years old. All pupils will manufacture a standard frame and use a range of different materials to construct the details of the game within the confides of the frame.

Pupils will also design a structure that will span a gap of 300mm. The design could be based on a suspension bridge, cable stay, a girder bridge or a completely new design. Pupils must produce a range of different bridge designs that could be used and to construct a final design themselves that includes wooden members and corner gussets. The final structure will be tested to destruction!


Children’s day-to day practical and theoretical work is used to judge attainment and progress across each project. Children also have a final piece or range of pieces alongside their completed project book.

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