Miss Bartlett


Miss Bartlett

English Teacher

Miss Bartlett is an experienced teacher ​with a career that spans two decades. Her specialism is in English and English Literature. She has had the benefit of teaching students in KS2 (Y6), to A Level (Y13) in several schools, across counties.

Miss Bartlett has had the pleasure of being an International Schools and EAL Coordinator at a college for six years, working with students and staff from numerous cultures and liaising with contacts both at the British Council and in Tanzania.

She was Head of Department for 5 years at an independent school in Staffordshire, and has recently been a Director of Learning in Shropshire. In this post, she saw how educational research can keep staff motivated and focused upon finding ideologies and resources to best help the students.

Miss Bartlett started working at Walton Priory in January 2020, and says that she has rarely encountered such welcoming and enthusiastic staff, parents and management team.