Miss Kent


Miss Kent

KS2 Teacher

Before joining the school, Miss Kent studied at Staffordshire University and graduated with a degree in English literature. She went on to work as a classroom assistant at a foundation school in Wales, and worked with children from nursery age through to Year six. In order to communicate with all pupils, she spent two years learning Welsh and can proudly pronounce the longest place name in Europe.

Miss Kent carried out her teacher training at Walton Priory and has worked in KS2 since gaining her qualified teacher status. She has a passion for teaching all subjects, particularly English, and strives to promote a love of reading in all children. Miss Kent encourages kindness and consideration in the classroom and is always ready to listen to news and celebrate achievements with her class.

Her hobbies include creative writing, reading and baking for family and staff at Walton – and the pupils too whenever possible!