Mr Chandler


Mr Chandler

Senior Teacher –  Data Lead/Head of Maths KS3

Mr Chandler originally took a degree in Mechanical Engineering before following in the footsteps of both his parents and becoming a secondary trained teacher of Mathematics. He is currently the equal longest serving teacher having started teaching at Walton Priory in 2001 directly after his PGCE. He has taught Maths in all year groups but mainly to KS3 pupils and has been Maths coordinator for much of his time at Walton Priory, although he is currently progress lead for Y8. Throughout his time as a teacher, he has endeavoured to improve pupils’ enjoyment and aptitude for learning especially in mathematics. He particularly enjoys problem solving and mathematical puzzles.

He has also taught games for much of his time at Walton Priory and likes being active and enjoys participating in or watching most sports. He particularly likes running and playing football having played 684 games for local team, Brocton FC. He also enjoys watching films and reading many different genres including crime, science fiction and fantasy novels.

Maths Mastery Trained