Mrs Bowen


Mrs Bowen

Early Interventions Manager

After spending twenty years teaching in primary schools, Mrs Bowen moved to Walton Priory Middle seeking a new challenge. She has, throughout her career, taught all year groups from years 2 to 5 but most of this time has been spent in year 6. Mrs Bowen has been the inclusion leader in all schools in which she has worked (at one point, in three schools at the same time!) Mrs Bowen has particular skills in teaching English as a second language as her first teaching role was in one of the most multi-cultural primary schools in Staffordshire. Mrs Bowen has also worked for the local authority as a lead English teacher, supporting colleagues in their classrooms.

Mrs Bowen loves singing and can often be found helping pupils to learn spellings by singing them. Spending quality time with her two children, either in the park or other places of interest, means that she is never still. Her oldest child is severely autistic and so she can empathise with families of children who have additional needs. Reading is her secret hobby and she grabs five minutes whenever she can at home to indulge this passion.

Currently studying for NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership)

Fresh start reading trained