Mrs Fenton


Mrs Fenton

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Fenton, an Edge Hill University graduate, qualified with her teacher status in 2016. Her teaching career began in the outskirts of Liverpool, where she was a Year 3 teacher for two years.

Aside from her experience in the North, Mrs Fenton has also spent her free time travelling the world to work with children. In 2014 she worked in Thailand for 2 months, where she taught English to a range of age groups. A year later, she went over to New York for 3 months working at a residential camp.

After travelling here, there and everywhere, Mrs Fenton returned to her hometown and is now focusing on the Walton way of life.  Mrs Fenton flourishes from bringing learning to life through motivation and praise and has a particular passion in ensuring every child reaches their full potential in all that they do.

Her hobbies include baking fancy cakes, running, spending time with her friends and family and daugher, as well as long walks with her dog, Dennis. She also has a love for Maltesters: usually after she’s spent time in the gym!

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